Gárman Lord founded Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief in 1976 and is the author of Way of the Heathen and numerous other Théodish publications. In 1989 he was named Ætheling of the Wínland Ríce and in 1995 he was crowned its Hálig Cyning (Sacral King). In recent years, Gárman Lord has begun writing fictional works—many of which are often sown through with bits of Théodish lore. For updates on his current writings, be sure to visit Gárman Lord’s Author Page on Amazon.

Thorbeorht Offering Midsummer 2016

Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere is a Théodish blótere (priest) and the founder of the Ealdríce Háliggyld, an Anglo-Saxon Heathen fellowship based upon the early Anglo-Saxon religious gilds that arose shortly before conversion. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a concentration in Religious Studies as well as a Master of Liberal Arts in English Religious History. Þórbeorht’s works have appeared in HEX Magazine, Vor Tru Magazine, and The Journal of Contemporary Heathen Thought. Þórbeorht previously wrote under the name of Êrmund Aldarman. He is also the editor of Spellstów.


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